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22 February 2018
Petur Agust
Scene backup
So much 3rd person stuff I don't even remember it all.
Weapon backup.
More weapon stuff Manifest
NPC roaming works. NPCs properly damaged by spells. Manually spawned NPCs not stuck anymore.
2h and 1h staff setup WIP
Items - R - W
items M - R
Items: G - L
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21 February 2018
Petur Agust
Pos Fix
3rd person stuff for the longswords.
LOD distances.
Lighting consistency
Cata LOD distances.
Interior volume settings
Fat toadloks now more inclined to squeeze through the narrow caves that they reside in.
Auroras to the reflection cubemap, because it looks cool. Terrain mat tweaks. Scene.
Full dynamic reflection cubemap test
Terrain triggers to trigger layer. Maincam reflection probe tweak test.
Cave prefabs were on the wrong layer.
Merge from weapons.
Few tweaks./weapons
Merge from main./weapons
Fixed remaining issues. Manifest./weapons
Jarryd Campi
HasShield animator param on ModelState should now be correctly assigned
Items not held as primary no longer modify the HoldModel
Status Effects now spawn and destroy their fxPrefab Added a terrible particle effect to Poison to demonstrate
Rehooked up shield effect on the prefab
20 February 2018
Petur Agust
Sword variant stats. More icons./weapons
Item icons for the variants./weapons
Proper rusty/iron/steel longswords with mats./weapons
Various animation stuffs for weapons. Messed with the standard reflection probe./weapons
Merge from main./weapons
Missing files./weapons
This should do./weapons
Refactoring 1/2/weapons
Part 2/weapons
Moving stuff around part 1/weapons
Refactoring weapons backup/weapons
Jarryd Campi
Fixed starting shield not being visible when game starts Fixed issue where repeatedly equipping and unequipping a weapon would stop the weapon from appearing
Pressing H while holding a shield triggers the Poisoned effect in the editor (for testing) Status Effects can now mark themselves as related to a metabolism effect, the corresponding VitalNote on the HUD will be displayed while that effect is active Enabled poison VitalNote and filled in the text so it reads correctly Status Effects can now apply damage over their duration (standard DamageTypes list implementation) Added an ItemStatsProperties field to StatusEffects (same as Items) so status effects can now modify movement speeds
First pass on StatusEffects framework Effects are defined via a definition file in Resources/StatusEffects/ Currently adds and removes the effect over the network (based on the duration of the effect specified in the definition)
Diogo Teixeira
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Fixed inventory UI particles; switched shader to ui-ext/particles/add
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Fixed server compile
19 February 2018
Jarryd Campi
Fixed NRE when equipping clothing
Can no longer equip a weapon that blocks the offhand if you have an offhand item equipped Can no longer equip an offhand if you have a primary weapon that blocks offhand
Fixed not being able to equip tools in Primary Slot Exposed a valid Categories field on DropMe, primary slot can take Primary and Tool, secondary slot can take Offhand only
Petur Agust
Scene stuff. Respawn button isn't so hard to click.
Fireball isn't a rocket. Doesn't throw NRE's.
16 February 2018
Petur Agust
Scene stuff Made some viewport fx and sounds for shield blocking and bashing.
Scene stuff.
More? More.
15 February 2018
Petur Agust
And more NPC behaviour.
More NPC behaviour.
NPC work
NPC setup.
Toadlok setup.
Jarryd Campi
New RPC conditional - IsActiveSecondaryItem Moved some shield bash logic out of BaseMelee into BaseShield BaseShield now derives from AttackEntity (since a shield can now attack things) Exposed an ImpactSoundDefinition field for when a shield bash connects with a target (just put the regular wooden block def in for now, sounds ok) Exposed bashDamageTypes on the BaseShield to control how much damage each bash can do (38 with 7 variance right now, same as sword)
Basic shield bash implementation
14 February 2018
Petur Agust
NPC setup & sound files.
Various fixes.
Landmark stuff
Buncha more NPC stuff. Manifest.
More NPCs from the list. Manifest.
Fixed the right side of the inventory screen being completely broken.
More NPCs from the list.
Shield block placeholder sounds & definitions.
This file shouldn't exist.
Going through the NPC list.
Craggy doesn't kill NPCs
1st person shield bash
Jarryd Campi
Shields have an exposed ImpactSoundDefinition that gets played when the player blocks an attack Hooked up Block-Wood to the current test shield
Potentially fixed impact sounds not playing when getting hit
13 February 2018
Petur Agust
Topo masks for spawning. Various world.
Various world stuff. Materials to BaseShield.
shield bash 3rd player animations
Jarryd Campi
Merging equipment_slot_rework
Merge from main/equipment_slot_rework
Updated Data.dll with new primary/secondary containers Hopefully fixed the weapon disappearing bug Reduced belt size back down to 4/equipment_slot_rework
Ran CodeGen to make new button input work/equipment_slot_rework
Updated PlayerInventoryProperties so sword, shield and staff start in the correct equipment slots/equipment_slot_rework
Q to swap equipment sets (not currently working, code is setup though) Some belt stuff/equipment_slot_rework
Reverted the spell commit from yesterday/equipment_slot_rework
12 February 2018
Petur Agust
Scene backup
Spawns Cleanup Manifest
Jarryd Campi
Fix not being able to equip spells in offhand slot/equipment_slot_rework
Attempting to make equipped items update automatically after being equipped/equipment_slot_rework
WIP weapon switching work/equipment_slot_rework
11 February 2018
Petur Agust
World spawns
10 February 2018
Petur Agust
Spawn populations Manifest
Various world spawn stuff
Prefab fix
Undergrowth stuff
Organizing files
Serverside tree entities.
9 February 2018
Petur Agust
Forest work & cleanup.
Further prepping for trees.
Prepping terrain for trees WIP
Items C-F
Items A-B.
Jarryd Campi
Added a primary equipment and secondary equipment ItemContainer to PlayerInventory 2 slots each Reduced belt size back down to 6 Updated Inventory Menu to point to the new containers/equipment_slot_rework
8 February 2018
Petur Agust
Converted foliage to roughness.
Updated ASE Synced shaders with Rust Grabbed the imposter system and pines from Diogo/Damian
Various pre-merge
Beetle ragdolls don't self-propel into outer space.
7 February 2018
Petur Agust
Borer beetle setup.
Bloom ragdoll
WIP fix for the disappearing corpse bug.
Backup in case this breaks the model.
Toadlok ragdolls. LOD mesh tweaks.
LOD meshes & setup for the cave dwellers.
NPC errors.
These anims should loop. Path fix.
Set up the new cave dwellers. Manifest. Fixed the VKnight primary body error.
Ditched the old temporary ragdoll corpses.
Cave dwellers Removed the super player regen
Jarryd Campi
Increased belt size to 12 (to cater for the primary/offhand slots) Added an ItemContainerSource for the primary/offhand equipment slots (points to belt) Fixed requiredEquipmentSlotType on DropMe not working for non-wearables
6 February 2018
Petur Agust
Fixed those occasional ragdoll rootbone errors.
Scene & prefab stuff.
Jarryd Campi
Fixed a HitInfo constructor not assigning PointStart (should fix some blocking irregularities)
4 February 2018
Items test
3 February 2018
Petur Agust
2 February 2018
Petur Agust
World stuff Manifest
1 February 2018
Petur Agust
World spawn backup
World spawn wip Cleanup Plugin
Scene backup